Blessed kids special school is an innovative special school(run by NLCT REG NO 66/BK4) in madurai,Founded by Dr.B.Hemalatha BPT in 2015 to provide service and support to  special and needy kids.

Every child is gifted,this school is a second home for the special kids, we care for them, appreciate what they do and keep them happy.

Our main motivation is to build awarness and educate the public that mental retartaion and cerebral palsy was quite different from mental illness and that children can be trained in self help skill and gain full employment skill that would enable them to live independent, dignified and meaningful life.

This shool is for cerebral palsy, mental retardation,Autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, Microcephaly, Learning Disabilty, slow learners, Developmental delay and physical Disabilty.

We started this school with 6 children and now there are more than 30 children in this special school.

Our vision is to be a light in a dark place,we provide physiotherapy, special education, speech therapy , occupational therapy, play therapy, yoga therapy and Early intervention.

Join us the rally to bring awarness on the need of special attention and care for special kids.

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